SBDC: Small Business Breakthroughs – “What Questions We are Hearing”

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Session: February 4, 2022 at 11:30 am

Join the Ohio Small Business Development Center in partnership with the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center for a podcast style Q&A designed to dig into the topics that are impacting your business and keeping you up at night.

This edition of “Small Business Breakthroughs” will feature a “What Questions We Are Hearing” discussion of the questions and comments we hear from the small business owners that we deal with. timely year-end discussion on how to best prepare your business and yourself for 2022. The discussion will include SBDC business advisor Bruce Walters and SBDC Director Michael Bowers.

What will be discussed:

Thinking of starting a business, what should I do?

What should I be thinking about when going to ask for a loan?

Are investors right for my business?

I need a website, what is important for me to think about?

What are the factors that I should focus on to grow my business?

I’m hearing a lot about grants. How do I get one to help grow my business?

Does my business need insurance, even if I’m an LLC?

What’s the difference between hiring an employee and hiring an independent contractor?

My business is on lots of social media platforms, but I don’t get much business from them. Why is this?

My business offers services only. Do I still need to charge sales tax.

And of course, we will answer your business questions


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